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Vicmill Natural Fertiliser Products

BioGran Soil Enocholant


BioGran is a lignatious material made from Brown Coal and natural organic compounds supplying the soil with Humus, activated Carbon and Sulphur.

This product will biologically improve the microbial populations of the soil and activate the breakdown of organic matter held in the soil aggregate by oxygenating and releasing Humic Acid into the soil profile.

Elemental Analysis

Carbon 36.00% Zn 25.00% Cu 25.00% Mn 25.00%
Humus 22.00% Ca 14.00% Mg 1.90% Mo 0.01%
K 0.00% Humate 0.00% N 0.00% P 0.00%
S 0.00% B 0.00%