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Vicmill Natural Fertiliser Products

Bio Boost-S (Soil Conditioner)


This product is designed primarily as a soil re-conditioner to stimulate microbial activity, releasing locked up nutrients and helping detoxify chemical residues as well as increasing soil Humus levels through the creation of biological activity and its metabolic processes.

The balance of minerals contained in Bio Boost – S is compatible with all beneficial soil life and is incorporated into Vicmill’s biological fertilizer program to increase nutrient, moisture and oxygen holding capacity in your soil.

A good Humus and nutrient balance in the soil will make any plant more resistant and unattractive to pest and disease.

This natural Humate soil conditioner has the capacity to improve the uptake of all major and minor nutrients in the soil.

Elemental Analysis

Carbon 40.00% Humus 27.00% S 17.10% Ca 11.70%
Mg 2.00% Zn 0.25% B 0.05% K 0.00%
Humate 0.00% Mn 0.00% Mo 0.00% N 0.00%
P 0.00% Cu 0.00%
Suggested Rates Of Application
Fruit 400 to 750 Kilograms per Hectare
Pasture 400 to 625 Kilograms per Hectare
Vegetables 500 to 800 Kilograms per Hectare
Vines 400 to 750 Kilograms per Hectare