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Chemically Clean Humate Fertilizers

Chemically Clean Humate Fertilizers

A proven and profitable decontamination program developed by Vicmill Natural Humate Fertilizers Pty. Ltd. for the production of clean produce and biological restoration of the soil.

The Argument:

Conventional farming practices contaminate soil and produce through the use of chemicals and fertilizers.

Certified organic farming practices guarantee a non-contaminating procedure to farming. However, certified organic groups do not guarantee soil and produce to be free of contaminates by completion of the conversion period, merely a perception of clean produce due to farming procedures, not a guarantee.

What are Conventional Organic Fertilizers?

They are Compound Humate Fertilizers manufactured by Vicmill Natural Humate Fertilizers Pty. Ltd. using a unique Hydroscopic Absorption process developed by the company. Therefore, fertilizers manufactured using this process have the same benefits and properties of Natural Organic Humate Fertilizers as well as the faster releasing properties of Conventional Fertilizers.

For markets and what farmers can guarantee for (produce)

Non contamination of all produce to the following levels of reporting or organochlorides, organophosphates and heavy metals:
AMAL method No.8 Pesticides in tissue samples (Refer to AMAL Soil & Produce Analysis)
To be above Australian Health Council Standards for Nutrient Levels
Produce to be produced under State Government Quality Assured Program
Laboratory Reports by accredited laboratories providing nutrient levels and non-contamination of produce.

Vicmill Conventional Organics

Farming practices necessary to obtain Market Status Guarantees for Produce:

Soil fertility to be achieved and maintained by using Vicmill's Conventional Organic Fertilizers, which are field proven both technologically and economically as beneficial to the producer.
Use of Agricultural Chemicals is permitted.
Use of soil conditioners and organic protein products are permitted (provided no urea, blood and bone or potassium chloride is present in the blend.)

How does a Conventional Organic Farmer begin?

Fertilize using Humaphos range of Conventional Organic Humate Fertilizers for nine months in pastures or one season in crops (to firstly activate the soil) Soil tests (Base Saturation Tests) Balance Soil to following ratio: Ca 68%, Mg 12%, K 5%, Na < 3%

Vicmill Natural Humate Fertilizers Conventional Organics is a proven manufacturing process and a farming practice that enables the production of CLEAN produce while decontaminating and biologically improving the status of the soil.

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