Vicmill Natural Fertilisers Pty Ltd is a family owned manufacturer of natural humate fertilisers and animal supplements. The company has been supplying these products for over 30 years. Vicmill is a strong believer that the best way to achieve fertile soil is by working with nature, rather then against it. It is a Vicmill challenge to redress the effects of chemical agriculture by employing the resources of both science and nature in an integrated up to date bio-organic system, one that achieves robust and healthy crop yields and does not pollute the land, water or the food we consume.

By incorporating the right balance of nutrients into our fertilisers this enables plants to utilise major and minor elements more effectively (i.e.) The addition of magnesium to fertilisers will increase the plants utilisation of phosphorus. Or by adding sulphur in elemental form the plant will utilise nitrogen more efficiently. Elemental sulphur also stimulates the production of proteins in the plant and microbial activity in the soil.

Vicmill Natural Fertilisers range of slow release humate based mineral fertilisers, Activators and Soil Conditioners are specifically formulated to offer a comprehensive fertility program during the establishment and management of the plants nutrient requirements, Vicmill's Natural Humate Fertilisers are prescribed specifically for Australia's diverse soil extremities providing an excellent source of available elements, minerals and micro-elements for plant vitality and vigour as well as microbial heath and sustainability in the soil, made possible by Vicmill's unique primary coating granulation process that enables the fertiliser granule to be coated with nutrients and trace elements as it is being made. This process ensures that each granule receives proportionally the same amount of additives.  

Vicmill Natural Fertilisers are made with materials such as Reactive Phosphate Rock, Gypsum, Magnasite, varing forms of kiln dust, Potassium Sulphate, Lime, Nitrified Brown Coal, Humate and elemental sulphur. Apart from supplying slow release sources of major and minor nutrients to the soil. Humate Products made from Brown coal will also continually supply the soil with small amounts of Humic Acids

We Produce a range of standard products which can be customised to suit the specific needs of the individual farmer. We also manufacture prescription fertiliser mixes based off soil test results. Vicmill uses a unique Hydroscopic absorption process, which is developed to manufacture its range or granulated fertilisers.

What are Humates?

The most important and biologically active group of the many broken down processes of soil organic materials is the alkali soluble fraction, commonly called Humic Acid. The salts of these Humic acids are known as Humates.

Put Simply

Humus is the end result of organic matter, which is derived from green vegetation, being broken down by bacteria and enzymes under the right biological conditions.


Humates are dark coloured amorphous polymers which are essentially hydrtocarbons of high molecular weight (very dense) containing oxygen in the form of carboxyls, hydrocarbons and carbonyls. They are the formed by the microbiological decomposition of plant materials chiefly lignon and proteins to a point where all traces of theor origin can be lost.

In many cases Vicmill products contradicts mainstream agriculture and agronomy line of thought. This is because we make humate products that are designed to work with nature and not against it, this allows that plant to decide how little or how much nutrient it requires. This process also means that the soil retains nutrients longer without them leeching, unlike conventional fertilisers which dictate to nature how and when nutrients are to be used due to their high solubility in the soil solutions.

Most conventional fertilisers by pass the plants normal feeding mechanism of exchanging nutrients for the hydrogen ions that plant is consistantly pumping in the soil. Because these fertiliser nutrients are soluble in the soil solution eg. they are desgined to disolve in water. The plant will get an extra boost of nutrients when it takes up water. This solubility in the soil solution also allows nutrients to be lost by leeching into the sub soil  before the plant can take it up.

When Vicmill Humate Products are applied to the soil, the nutrient becomes suspended into the soil solution. This allows the nutrient to attach them selves to the colloided clays and humus in the soil so that the plant only takes up nutrients through the natual feeding processes that it has; this being that when nutrients reaches the root hairs of the plant they are then broken down or chelated with organic molecules and take up by the plant.

When plants take up nitrogen in the particular and other nutrients beyond their capacity to utilise properly this can cause some of the following problems; soft and oversized fruit, rank and unhealthy fodder, low starch levels in grain and vegetables, reduced shelf life for vegetables, and produce can become more susceptible to diseases and infection from mites etc

'The ion exchange and absorption process use by plants to take up nutrients in natures way of producing healthy growth'